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Time to just have some outdoors and have a good laugh while still building your Team.

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Odd & Outrageous Team Building Event

The Odd & Outrageous Games are a combination of fun filled challenges that are suitable for any age, size, gender or culture.

This event is a combination of different challenges that will always bring out those talents & abilities that you never knew you had within you. You are guaranteed to have a ball of a time. Always remember that Laughter is the best tranquiliser without any side effects. In the Odd & Outrageous games your teams will be faced with communication, reliability, teamwork, out of the box thinking and leadership challenges while having a good laugh not only at your colleagues but at yourself too. How your team works together and the quicker they can find the common ground on which they know they will work and succeed will determine the winning factor in this event. This event will also leave you at the end of the day with a smile knowing that your determination was the reason for the success.

  • Ideal For: Team celebrations, team building & as a corporate social activity.
  • No. of People: 4 – 500
  • Team Size: 2 – 20 people per team
  • Duration: Can be tailored anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours
  • Focus Areas: Team Building, Communication, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Leadership, Reliability
  • Locations: In your requested area | At your requested venue
  • Fitness Level: Low – High (Tailored to suit any fitness level required)



  • Team building (great social / fun activity to get to know your work colleagues, friends and family better)
  • Communication (individuals are required to communicate and co-operate in a team environment to achieve a common goal)
  • Decision making (teams are presented with situations where decisions can cost them the challenge)
  • Problem solving (teams will face challenges to test their problem solving ability)
  • Leadership (individuals are required to take lead at certain points)
  • Reliability (Team members have to prove themselves by being reliable in completing challenges)


  • Facilitator | Entertainer (includes a host)
  • All equipment for challenges
  • Colourful Bunting and Flags

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Team Building

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