Venue Finding Services

Zesty Events has a department that specializes in Corporate Venue Finding, we work in correlation with a large amount of venues all over South Africa which pre-qualify for the requirements to suit any of our corporate clients. We strive to keep all information, rates and quality up to date to suit all needs, be it for :

  •     team building venues
  •     bush lodge venues
  •     hotel venues
  •     day function venues
  •     evening function venues
  •     conference venues
  •     adventure activity venues
  •     which all fall under the star rating from 3 Star venues, 4 Star venues and 5 Star venues.
    Some of the provinces in South Africa and Africa we work in repeatedly:
  •     Gauteng Province Venues
  •     North West Province Venues
  •     Mpumalanga Province Venues
  •     Limpopo Province Venues
  •     KwaZulu Natal Provinces Venues
  •     Cape Provinces Venues
  •     Free State Provinces Venues


  •     Botswana Venues
  •     Zambia Venues
  •     Mozambique Venues
Please note that corporate events can be hosted at any venue of your choice. Should not one of these venues suite your needs – please let us know so that we can search and get quotes for venues that can accommodate your requirements.

Team Building Services

Zesty Events is a Corporate Team Building Company based in Gauteng, South Africa. We are completely mobile and have branches all over South Africa and Africa. We specialize in various types of team building events and corporate functions.

  •     Fun outdoor team building events
  •     Fun indoor team building events
  •     Formal indoor teambuilding
  •     Formal outdoor team building
  •     Incentive Team Buildings
  •     Fun Motivational Team Boosters
  •     Interactive Motivational Team Builders
  •     Formal Motivational Sessions / Talks / Presentations
  •     Corporate Family Fun Days
  •     Corporate Sports Days
  •     Specialised Team Building Events , tailored made for each companies dynamics or needs
  •     Team Boosters
  •     Adventure Activities
All activities are of such a nature that all team members would be able to partake, irrespective of age, gender, physical fitness or cultural background.

Zesty Events starts a relationship with each individual group, to work together and to carry forward the experience so that your team building day is not just a day of fun but also a day that has achieved the core needs of the important attributes that need to be included in every day work and personal environment’s, such as trust, communication, respect, reliability, accountability and team work.

Zesty Events will do the follow up session where we look at what has been achieved and learnt from the day. We focus on the issues at hand that still need to be attended as well as the positive and how it was achieved. We strive to create a platform that leads into a successful and long term relationship.

Conference Planning Services

Zesty Events has group of highly trained professional conference organisers / planners.  Each company will be assigned a personal conference planner that will work hand in hand with you to arrange all your specific needs and requirements through your whole function journey, from the first phone call to the final thank you’s after your successful event.

Some of the key points in the arranging process:
  •     Sourcing the appropriate conference venue on our client's behalf
  •     Venue site inspections
  •     Booking of conference venues
  •     Sourcing of conferencing equipment
  •     Conference seating
  •     Sourcing of Corporate wear
  •     Arrangement of times & Itinerary
  •     Arrangement of rooming list
  •     Handling of Dietary requirements