Teams are given time to create the following (based on your choice of events / theme for the day:

  • Team Name
  • Team Totem / Flag
  • Team Chant (Song)

CRAZY, Odd and Outrageous games is a great way to enhance team camaraderie through an experience of total Fun focused on a competitive (but not-too-serious) gauntlet of wild and wacky team games! In this exciting, hilarious teambuilding program, we divide your group into small, feisty teams who face off against other equally feisty teams who want to clean their clock, no matter what the game at hand.

As each team has been allocated a stall, which in the beginning is not much to look at but that is the teams responsibility to make the best decorated stall as there is a prize for that as well as the best dressed team, they will also have their team name and all ingredients & equipment supplied.

Each team is responsible for their own potjie through the duration of the day and must be certain that there is at least one person at the stall at all times. All teams will start the cook off at the same time.

The judges will be very active with the teams through the day and of course bribery is always welcome. Through the duration of the day there will be activities played to keep the groups happy and laughing.

The time for judging will be announced – here the teams have another opportunity to win a prize for best presentation and of course the ultimate flavour of the potjie.

Once all the judging is done the teams are welcome to dig in and share and go taste all potjies as they please.
After all that Zesty Events will host the prize giving and give out the prizes to the winners of the different categories as well as the certificates.