‘Drumming Together’ is scientifically proven to help boost your immune system and relieve stress.

It is an unbeatable ice-breaker as an indoor team building activity, requires team work; motivates, inspires, unifies and empowers participants. It is accessible to anyone and is the perfect conference energiser, meeting refresher or indoor team building activity, and can help you drum up business!


Ideal For: Motivation and Team building, Conference Energiser and Ice breaker, Building community, Staff Health and wellbeing (stress relief and healing), Interactive corporate entertainment, Meet & Greet, Drumming up business!

No. of People: 8 – 500

Team Size: N/A

Duration: 45 mins to 1 hour

Focus Areas: Team Building, Communication, Boosts Morale, Motivation, Listening and Following

Instructions Locations: Anywhere at client’s venue

Fitness Level: Low


‘Everyone gets a drum!’

To the delight and surprise of unsuspecting audiences, Zesty invites everyone to take up a drum of their own and join in, or get out of their seats and join our entertainers on stage! Ditch the role of the spectator and become part of the show! Following the ‘heart beat of the bass drum’, Zesty’s team of specialised facilitators and performers guide the willing orchestra on a musical journey guaranteed to revive the senses, leaving delegates feeling uplifted, re-energised, inspired and ready for success – the effect is immediate and infectious!

Within minutes, Zesty will have your team beating out rhythms of unity, creating musical harmony and an outstanding theatrical performance!



  • Team building - Great social / fun activity to get to know your work colleagues, friends, family better
  • Communication - Individuals are required to support and encourage their colleagues
  • Boosts Morale - Uplifts, celebrates, inspires, relaxes, re-energises and unifies your team
  • Motivation - Individuals participate in a relaxed environment where everyone is motivated to do their best, with encouragement and team camaraderie
  • Listening and following instructions (individuals are required to listen to the instructors and follow the beat and rhythm to keep in harmony)


  • Team of Facilitators and Professional Musicians
  • Authentic African Drums Equipment
  • Drum Cartage and Team Travel Loading
  • Set-up, layout and pack down of equipment
  • A complimentary FREE ‘Reception Welcome’ by our drummers – have your team greeted by the rhythms of Africa and led to their surprise activity (Flexible. Generally 5 – 10 min)

Packages: To make your Drumming event even more enjoyable as an indoor team building event, add a package option which can include: Personalised gift drums