Each team receives:

  • Tools - Tongs, spanners etc.
  • Push cart wheels & “Cart parts” - These parts & tools are all teams need to assemble their carts perfectly. 

When they are done the carts will be inspected before they are allowed to use it in the race.  Teams need to work together swiftly but with precision.

The Push Cart build-off & Derby team building workshop and powerful team philanthropy experience which can be customized to meet all of your team goals including:

  • Increase teamwork & team effectiveness
  • Improve team communication
  • Increase team motivation
  • Improve leadership skills

Through participation in The Push Cart Build-off & Derby experience, your team will gain a stronger feeling of team connection and more powerful motivation to achieve personal and team goals.

You will also learn and master powerful tools & techniques that will translate into improved teamwork, better communication, and increased productivity.