There are two main ways this activity can work

  • Either the group can work in teams on a number of sculptures,
  • or they can create one big sculpture that comes together at the end.

The theme of the sculpture must be based around the company, for example:

  • Sculpture of the company logo
  • Sculpture of the MD's bust
  • Sculpture portraying the company theme
  • Sculpture of a relevant company theme of your choice

Art tutors will be on hand to demonstrate and explain the various techniques participants can use to create their sculptures. Participants will then decide which medium and style they want to use and begin their sculpture.


  • To provide a light-hearted opportunity for individuals to work together as a team
  • To promote creativity and breakdown inhibitions
  • To learn new skills as part of a team


The final sculptures will be displayed in your very own Art Gallery at the end of the session. If appropriate our Art Tutors will then choose a winning sculpture and the group chosen will be crowned ‘Culture Sculpture Winners’.

The array of sculptures is always amazing and the different ways groups portray the same message is always diverse.