If you're looking for a unique team building experience but want to keep the fun indoors, Blue Hats Olympics might be for you!

Teams will compete against each other in a series of exciting challenges that will require them to communicate with each other and work together if they want to succeed.

While the Olympic Games are known to test physical attributes such as strength and speed, they won't be of any help with these challenges. The successful teams will be the ones that are creative, quick-thinking, and most importantly, embrace the concept of teamwork!

Wild & Wacky Team Olympics is the great way to enhance team camaraderie through an experience of total Fun focused on a competitive (but not-too-serious) gauntlet of wild and wacky "Olympic Games".

In this exciting, hilarious team building program, we divide your group into small, feisty teams of corporate "athletes", who face off against other equally feisty teams who want to clean their clock, no matter what the game at hand.

As each Olympic event is engaged, points are awarded for team performance.

Teams vie back and forth all day for the top place finishes - and the bragging rights that go along with it.

Team Olympics is Play for all Corporate Staff and Professionals at its best.

Chaotic, exhilarating, and serving absolutely no point at all, except to remind us that’s its truly essential to lighten up and have Fun.