Teams have to complete a series of “operation saving private rhino” tasks & challenges while exploring the grounds of the venue.

It is combined with photographic, mental & cryptic challenges within an intriguing web of clues to help you get back to the starting point, but time is running out…

How it works:

  • The Emcee / Main Facilitator will divide the group into teams
  • Each team will receive colour coded bandannas, branded with a custom designed Rhino supporter logo
  • Teams will receive themed activities to show their support towards the protection of our Rhino’s
  • Teams have to design a war cry / chant / toi toi rhythm to protest against poaching
  • Paint, project boards, art materials & a symbolic Rhino items will be provided to each team to create a personal piece of art - This can be displayed in your office after the event to remind you of this important cause & the part that your team did to support the Rhinos in South Africa
  • Teams will perform their war cry / chant / toi toi for the other teams