Tired of three-legged races and water balloon tosses?

It’s time to play some off the hook “Minute to Win It” games using household & office equipment / objects. This activity guide contains the same challenges seen on the TV show and played by home grown gamers across the world! They range in difficulty from easy to “That’s crazy!”

Your corporate / office “Minute To Win It” Team Challenges will be hosted by a South African TV personality and the actual “Blue Prints” will be played on either 2 x Screens or 2 x Flat Screen TV’s.

On the show, contestants play 10 x sixty second games of increasing difficulty to win larger amounts of cash, up to a million dollars (unless they lose their 3 lives by failing to complete the challenge in time).

In case you don’t have a million bucks lying around you can always give out corporate prizes.


HEAD TO HEAD - Two players compete simultaneously in the same challenges in a best of 3 Battle Royale.

LAST MAN STANDING - 10 Players compete at the same time in group-friendly games such as Hanky Panky. At the end of each rounc, the person who finished last is eliminated, until one surviving player is declared the “Last Man Standing.”

TEAM CHALLENGE - Participants will be divided into teams. At the start of evy round, each team must decide which member will go up against a challenger from the opposing side in a head to head contest. The player who finishes first scores a point for their group. The team with the most points at the end of the 10 games wins.

MINUTE TO WIN IT DECATHLON - 10 challenges are set up at game stations, with the competitors rotating from station to station. Each player who successfully completes a challenge in 60 seconds receives a point (harder games may be worth more). The contestant with the most points at the end of 10 games wins.


Some of the Team Building outcomes that you can expect to achieve through these fun team building activities would be:

Increased team spirit
Strategy & Planning
Understanding of each others Strengths & Weaknesses
Dedication & Perseverance
Overall Team Cohesion

If you have been searching for some fun and exciting teamwork activities or teamwork games, then definitely give this program a go, your team will love it.