A Murder Mystery is an unusual and unforgettable evening of laughter and excitement.

Your guests are the key witnesses to a brutal murder, and must solve critical clues to discover the guilty party before they strike again.


We can offer a selection of differently themed murder mysteries. One of our most popular is outlined here - Murder at the Grand Gatsby, a classical murder mystery set at the turn of the twentieth century.

Your guests have been invited to a dinner party held at the home of Ms. Zetta Zarbo. The evening takes a turn for the worse as a horrific murder is committed. As the story unfolds no-one avoids suspicion. Through guest’s deduction and cunning they must discover evidence & clues to bring dirty secrets and sordid lies to the fore.


During pre-dinner drinks, characters will socialise with your guests, introduce themselves and begin to set the scene. Your guests are given the opportunity to interact and begin to form opinions of the people involved in this web of deceit. The characters are both colourful and varied, from a trendy French designer and flirty Mobster Girlfriend, to the famous actors of the century. All of the characters are very impressive and guaranteed to entertain.


As guests sit for dinner the murder is committed. With the police unable to be contacted, it is up to each and every person in the Manor to work together in order to solve this most gruesome crime. One of the characters will come forward to lead the investigation, guiding the budding detectives in their search for the perpetrator. Investigators are grouped together in teams working collectively to find and present their solutions.


As dinner is served, short scenes take place during which revelations are discovered and the plot thickens. As the closets are emptied and shocking skeletons are revealed it is clear that all is not as it should be in Ms. Zarbo’s Manor. It becomes increasingly evident that apprehending the killer will not be easy and it will take focused investigation to catch this wily killer.

The more perceptive guests will discover clues and evidence around the Manor, but assessing which are relevant and which are ‘red herrings’ will not be easy. As dinner comes to an end, guests will have the opportunity to interview the suspects individually to test their theories. Each of the suspects will answer all questions but can our teams tell the difference between truth and lies?


As the final questions are answered, guests are asked to submit their theories on who committed the murder and why. Once these are collected, all suspects are brought into the room and teams are asked to present their theories. A prize is offered for the person that is closest to revealing the truth and another prize is awarded for the most entertaining answer.

Finally, our evening is brought to a climax when our lead investigator reveals the murderer and his or her motive; the moment of truth has arrived as the murderer confesses all. A dramatic and breath taking ending is promised as the murderer attempts to escape.

Our Murder Mystery evenings are of an exceptional calibre, offering an exciting evening of drama, intrigue and most of all fun. Using their guile and wit your guests must help to bring the murderer to justice. Suitable for any size event, murder mysteries are the perfect solution for dinner parties, corporate events and as a light hearted team building activity. Plots can also be themed to relate to your company or group.