Put on your Bling and do your Thing

Come join us for a night where Rustic meets Elegance at this ultimate, chic, sexy and colourful celebration. Guests will enjoy becoming part of the event as they dress in their favourite denim embellished with glitz and glammer – it’s time to party so put on your jeans and bling.

The party will be centred around tables with bright colours and diamond & bling centre pieces. Strings of bling draping from the roof just to add to the ambience and colourful party lights as a final touch. You will be entertained by none other than our own famous Mr. Leroy Gopal. Dj Tumi is gonna keep the vibe alive, bringing down the house with the latest and greatest tunes.

Throw up your hands and come do your thang – this is a great way to throw a party that makes yours guests feel like the center of attraction.